K&N Air filters are the No.1 choice in high flow air filters and they are available for just about every car, suv and motorcycle on the road. K&N air filters are designed to provide unrestricted air flow while maintaining high filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life thus adding horsepower to your engine.

These air filters are made with an oiled cotton media that is washable and reusable so you don’t have to change your air filter at every service interval. K&N makes various types of air filters meant such as Stock replacement panel filters, Universal conical filters, Cold air intakes, Typhoon kits etc to name a few. K&N Air filters provide various advantages over OEM filters :

  • High flow air filters designed to improve engine performance
  • Designed to increase horsepower, torque, and acceleration
  • Excellent filtration and dependable protection for long engine life
  • Washable and reusable air filters that are easy to clean and reuse
  • Long service intervals depending on driving conditions
  • Environmentally friendly reusable air filters

For more info on K&N air Filters, you can also visit http://www.knfilters.com/